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It was selected by, a great poet of the Kamakura period , and one poet of one hundred songwriters (one head) each.

There are many songs that read the natural scenery like the seasons and the feelings of love, and only the famous song of the gem which the aesthetic sense of the Japanese was represented.

This site is …
In this site, I explain all commentary on 100 words.
Besides that, it explains the way of expression of waka and expressive method from the formation of Hyakunin Isshu.

You can also search by Hyakunin Isui’s number order, author order, and upper and lower phrases (alphabetical order). You can solve the question like “Who was the one who sang this song?” 

I can not remember the lower phrase of that song!

Let’s enjoy 100 people!
On the page of “Karuta game” , you can learn 100 hundreds with a sense of game while having fun. (Please play around!) In
addition, “Karuta various things” explains how to play various Karuta using Hyakunin.
Besides that, I introduce some of what are called so-called subspecies other than the Ogura Hyakuichi neck.While learning about the circumstances, let’s enjoy it and let’s memorize the Hyakunin Isumi ♪
An administrator (and Yoko-chan) who was given a harsh task of “homecoming of Hyakuninbutsu” for homework at the high school winter vacation. When I played Karuta a New Year’s Day nearly 20 years ago, I could not remember at all and I could not take Karuta.