It is said that the “hundred people Hidekoto” chosen by Fujiwara Teiji is the prototype. His diary “bright moon Symbol” According to the,

as colored paper to put on the shoji (bran) in the Sanso “Yoritsuna Utsunomiya in the Saga of Kyoto (Yoritsuna Utsunomiya), chose each one a song of the ancient poet who I ”

such description is, in may of 1235 year 27 It is in the day. This is generally thought to be the “establishment” of the Hyakuninchu.

100 people of the poet who was the person who dynasty are said to poet between the era of the “new Kokinshu” times from the beginning of the 13th century “Kokinshu” 10 century of the beginning.

However, the fact that there are some differences in the Senka of the “hundred Shuka” and “Hyakunin” is, has been found in today’s research.

For example, there were no songs by Sugano Inu and Shunkeisongs originally in Hundred Hideto . (Instead that amount, contains the other poet of the song.)

This is a jōkyū war, Toba Institute, for Juntokuin became exile, choosing the song of the two men Teika It was thought that it was difficult in the political situation of the era of.

But later, after becoming a substitute for a son of a home, these two songs were added, it seems that some correction was done and it seems to be in the form of the current “Ogura Hyakuninju”.

It is thought that it was established in such a flow.